It’s a small world after all

My study abroad advisor gave me a quote before I left America for the first time that inspired me. “Traveling teaches you how many great people there are in the world.” She left out one detail- you can’t take any of them with you!

Already in 3 weeks I’ve met people from all over the world- all over Spain, other parts of the States, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia- you name it. Some who spoke amazing English or who I could communicate with in Spanish, and some who didn’t. It’s really amazing actually how many people speak English. It’s amazing how many don’t and the obstacle you overcome to communicate with them. It makes me want to learn every language possible and this yearning I’ve got will probably consume me.

I’ve met people who I have mutual friends in common with, and I’ve met people who I have nothing in common with. Somehow, we’ve come from completely different sides of the world in this one place, together maybe destined to meet or maybe on accident. People who invited me to come stay with them after talking and laughing and sharing life for 2 hours.

I’ve never become so close with so many people in such a short time in my life, especially with people who live in another part of the world as I do.I can’t tell if I’m noticing it from a ‘kid-in-a-candy-shop’ view because this is the first time in nearly 5 years I’m not working 40 hours a week and have the means to travel, or because I’m genuinely in a melting pot of such different people from different walks of life who are so differently yet so similar to me.

I think I’ve become addicted to traveling. In 3 weeks I’ve gotten to know my way around this little city, made acquaintances in different parts of the country, and met so many people who’ve offered me advice. It’s invigorating to arrive in a completely foreign place that before 3 weeks ago didn’t exist in my perception of the world and feel at home so soon. I love it and it makes me proud of where I’m from and where I intend to go.


España Week 1&2

Hola! Getting over culture shock of my first time out of the country. Starting to learn my way around this gorgeous little Spanish city of Oviedo. I’m finally getting used to a new culture, and language and this melting pot of cultures called Europe. It’s extremely inspiring/overwhelming, but I like it.

So, here goes a pequeña ventana de mi viaje, a little blog about all the neat things my curious little self stumbles upon.