Arabian Nights

Ahhh, back ‘home’ to Oviedo from a long week in Morocco. Who said time traveling doesn’t exist? I found a way to speed it up, if only I could slow it down. This week ahead- 6 Spanish finals then NY. I don’t want to part with this life just yet.

Being a sociology major, I thought I could take myself out of my society and see a new one for what it is apart from my own- and then I went to Morocco.

-no plan,7 days, 3 cities, 1 dessert, 1 waterfall, Millions of extremely eager and overzealous Moroccans who want your touristic income, people trying to show you to your destination and then wanting compen$ation, 5 languages (Arabic, Bereber, French, Spanish, English), 5 riads, no heat or hot water, 2 hours plane, That tiny piece of water where Spain ends and Africa begins, 48+ hours by bus from south to the north of Spain, 24 to and from dessert, 4 hours trains, taxis, getting lost in that rat maze Fez,largest/oldest Medina, tanneries (smell of mierda) learning how to barter (and how not to), saris, jilabas, tourbans, couch surfing, Qur’an in english, Nordine, arabic alphabet, Inshallah, Hanne and ham-am, tajine & couscous, tea with sugaaaarrrr, toothless Moroccans, crepes for breakfast, hash, sheesha, David&Yosesph from the dessert, amazing stars, milkyway!!, 7 sisters, shooting stars, adbul and Orika,  , Marrakech, Chefchaoen the blue city, Zagora- door to Sahara, snow covered mountains over dessert sand dunes, green landscape, icy mountains= road closed=road party full of jilabas, camel ride in desert (ouch), dirt roads, sand castles, red mountain canyons that look like Arizona.

All in all a culture shock but an awesome experience none the less. 4 countries in 4 weeks, so surreal. I feel like a child walking from one section of disney land to another. From the chic Eiffel tower to the arabian Sahara, we’ve got the world at our fingertips 2012. Embrace it.


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